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Inspirado en los ciclos de

la naturaleza

Oda Restaurante, 50 Best Latam. Bogotá, Colombia

Oda is an homage to the art of the natural. A composition of flavors, colors, and techniques that exalt the aesthetics of the products, the stories, and the nature of our gastronomy.

Our menu has been designed by Jeferson García and an eclectic team that has brought techniques from around the world to our kitchen.

Pesca 50 Best Restaurante. Bogotá, Colombia

El 16 de noviembre fuimos nombrados como uno de los mejores restaurantes de Latinoamérica por The World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s, una entidad que lleva a cabo una votación anual en la que participan chefs, críticos y gastrónomos de todo el mundo para determinar los mejores restaurantes del globo.

Kai-Macü. Oda Restaurante, 50 best Latam, Bogotá. Recetario, coctelería de autor.

The fruits, herbs, and liquors from La Guajira and El Amazonas take center stage in our bar menu under the concept of a recipe book, cocktail creations inspired by the diversity of Colombia's two poles.

Our bar's recipe book exalts the medicinal properties and stories that evoke corozo, camu camu, araza, or açaí; exotic products that we use in our cocktails.

Recipe Book

Huerta, Bogotá Colombia. Oda Restaurante.
Oda Restaurante, Calamar
Oda Bogotá, Colombia. Restaurante en Cedritos
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